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Kaurić Christmas Trees, 40 years with you.

For more than 40 years Bozicna Drvca Kauric are growing Christmas trees in Pokupsko Valley, 50 km south of Zagreb. Our tree lot is located in Velika Gorica ( near the airport) where we also offer choose and cut experience. The most common species are the Nordmann Fir, Blue Spruce, and Norway Spruce. We also offer potted trees.


Božićno drvce - nordijska jela

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) is a coniferous evergreen tree that is native to the mountainous regions of Europe, particularly the Caucasus. It is known for its symmetrical shape, lush foliage, and deep green color. The needles of the Nordmann Fir are soft, glossy, and relatively broad, making it an excellent choice for families with young children or pets, as they are not prickly and do not easily shed.

One of the outstanding features of the Nordmann Fir is its excellent needle retention. The needles tend to stay on the tree for a long time, even when it is displayed indoors. This quality makes it a practical choice for those who prefer a longer-lasting tree throughout the holiday season. Additionally, the branches of the Nordmann Fir have good strength, allowing them to support heavier ornaments without drooping.

The Nordmann Fir has a pleasant, citrus-like fragrance, although it is generally milder compared to other Christmas tree varieties. This can be an advantage for individuals who are sensitive to strong scents or prefer a subtler aroma.

When cared for properly, the Nordmann Fir can maintain its freshness and beauty for several weeks, bringing a touch of natural elegance and festive spirit to any home during the holiday season.


Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) is a majestic evergreen tree that is highly sought after as a Christmas tree for its unique bluish-gray foliage. Native to the Rocky Mountains of North America, the Blue Spruce is known for its distinctive color, strong branches, and overall stately appearance.

The Blue Spruce features short, stiff needles that are sharp to the touch. Its needles have a silvery-blue hue that gives the tree its name and sets it apart from other Christmas tree varieties. The coloration of the needles provides a visually striking and vibrant centerpiece for holiday decorations.

This tree has a dense, pyramidal shape with strong branches that can support heavier ornaments. Its branches are evenly spaced, allowing for easy hanging of lights and decorations. The Blue Spruce emits a pleasant aroma that combines notes of pine and citrus, adding to the sensory experience of having a real Christmas tree.


Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce (Picea abies) is a classic and traditional choice for a Christmas tree. It is a coniferous evergreen tree that is native to Europe and has been used as a Christmas tree for centuries. The Norway Spruce is known for its iconic shape, rich green color, and delightful fragrance.

The Norway Spruce features short, sharp needles that are dark green in color. The needles are densely packed on the branches, giving the tree a lush and full appearance. While the needles of the Norway Spruce are a bit prickly, they are generally well-tolerated, especially when adorned with decorations and lights.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Norway Spruce is its strong and sturdy branches. The branches are slightly drooping, creating an elegant and graceful silhouette. This tree has a traditional and timeless look that many people associate with the quintessential Christmas tree.

The Norway Spruce emits a pleasant fragrance that is often described as a classic "Christmassy" scent. Its aromatic qualities can fill a room and contribute to the festive atmosphere of the holiday season. This fragrance, combined with its traditional appearance, makes the Norway Spruce a popular choice for those seeking an authentic and nostalgic Christmas tree experience.

While the Norway Spruce may have slightly shorter needle retention compared to other tree varieties, with proper care and hydration, it can still maintain its beauty throughout the holiday season. Regular watering and keeping it away from heat sources can help extend its freshness.

The Norway Spruce has been a beloved choice for generations, bringing a sense of tradition and warmth to homes during the holiday season. Its classic appearance, delightful fragrance, and historical significance make it a cherished symbol of Christmas celebrations.

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